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Facing the Music

By Khushi Patel The world of music has been completely changed since COVID-19 surfaced. I interviewed Cathryn Wriska, a senior and drum major of the Marching Band at Wayne Memorial High School in Wayne, Michigan. Here I was, someone who has little to no experience with music about to interview someone who spends hours every […]

Dance in the Covid World

by Khushi Patel Amidst a pandemic, most Americans can agree that their day-to-day schedule has been altered in some way. Most events are postponed and some remarkable days have even been cancelled. Last week, I had the pleasure and opportunity to interview Phillip “Phil” Simmons, an Eastern Michigan University dance teacher, performer, actor, dancer, and […]

Mental Health in a Pandemic

By Nikita Bhangu Mental health is a multifaceted concept that I have seen be approached in a diverse set of ways such as talk therapy, aromatherapy, journaling, etc. My mental health relies on either walking/running outside or visiting my temple and I have found that by using these outlets, I can physically get out of […]

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by Nikita Bhangu The most significant way COVID-19 has impacted me was by changing my traditional education setting and structure. Like most students in Michigan and the rest of the country, my learning experience was confined to a computer screen, and the structure of the classes became less engaging than before. Throughout one class period […]


by Khushi Patel I cannot speak on behalf of the Black community, but I can continue to spread awareness about what is happening. The Black community needs everyone’s help right now during this time. The murder of George Floyd was the tipping point to hundreds of years of injustice and inequality that Black people face […]

Entry 1: “Dear Covid 19” by Khushi Patel

Dear COVID-19, As I write this letter, I look outside my window and see no one, no commotion, no fighting. I see plain empty motel rooms and shiny windows. I can hear the morning birds chirp when I crack open my bedroom window just a little. I find myself baffled at the thought that I […]