Wildwood Elementary

Brett Tavana
Site Coordinator


500 N. Wildwood St.
Westland, MI 48185

Brett Tavana began working with EMU Bright Futures in 2014, opening the first sites at Hoover Elementary and Wildwood Elementary. After graduating from Eastern Michigan University with a focus in Elementary Education and Mathematics, they wanted to give back to the community they grew up in. Their varied experiences inspired an interest in bridging traditional and nontraditional learning. Inspired by Bill Nye, Jim Henson, and Mr. Rogers, they support students in developing who they are as learners and people in the world.

Program Description

At Wildwood Bright Futures, families can expect dedicated staff, student-centered offerings, and a commitment to helping every student work toward their best self. This presents in many ways. First and foremost, building relationships with students ensures a foundation of mutual respect and caring. This makes the challenges of growing academically and emotionally more achievable with peers and adults to lean on.

In addition, there are a wide variety of activities provided to encourage students to try new things and gain new experiences in a supportive way. At Wildwood Elementary, we have a large assortment of clubs for students, including basketball, movie making, painting, math games, engineering, team sports, and creative writing – just to name a few! We promote the importance of being responsible and respectful to each other and ourselves. Bright Futures also understands the significance of involving families and school staff in our program, which is why our family events celebrate the support and community that we have built together.