Halecreek Elementary

Heather Kuehneman
Site Coordinator


16200 Harrison Rd, Romulus, MI 48174

Heather has over 25 in the educational profession and the past 20 years as a certified teacher.  She received her Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education from Western Michigan University and her Master of Arts in Curriculum and Development from Michigan State University.  She has partnered with various organizations of her career in science education including the Smithsonian, the Greening of Detroit, The Engineering Society of Detroit, General Motors A World in Motion Program, just to name a few.  She also helped collaborate on an outdoor science curriculum with Wayne State University.  She is married with two beautiful girls.  She spends most of the time she is not working as a soccer mom.  She began her career with Bright Futures as a club teacher and now as a Site Coordinator.

Program Description

This is the 3rd school year that Bright Futures is a part of Halecreek Elementary.  The program prides itself on a safe and positive climate, and enhances the school day.  This is seen through their seamless transition from the school day to after school programming.  Halecreek Bright Futures is an engaging place for students in 2nd – 5th grade to explore, move, and to be inspired.  The program runs Monday through Thursday from 3:45-6:15PM.

The Halecreek Bright Futures program will also consist of homework help, academic enrichment, and clubs.  Students are given the opportunity to complete homework assignments with the help and encouragement of staff members, and volunteers.  Academic activities are offered which complement school day curriculum and use hands-on strategies.

A variety of clubs are offered throughout the year and change every 4 to 6 weeks. Clubs have included, and are not limited to, various types of art, musical instruments, technology, movie making, sports, Lego/building challenge, science exploration, and nutritious cooking. The students have a strong say in the program offerings as our activities and clubs are based on youth voice and choice.

The Halecreek Bright Futures Team also offers several opportunities for parents and families to participate and engage in activities through family night events, field trip opportunities and involvement in our Parent Advisory Committee.

The program will also include a six-week summer program that runs Monday through Thursday from mid-June until late July.