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* Assistant Site Coordinator (ASC) -- Each one of our sites has an Assistant Site Coordinator who is responsible for working directly with the Site Coordinator in planning that site's program.  Typical responsibilities of our ASCs include planning and facilitating daily clubs, assisting students with homework, assisting the Site Coordinator with administrative duties, and working directly with the school-day staff.  Our ASCs step-in for the Site Coordinator if they are absent for the day.  Significant experience working with youth is strongly preferred for the ASC position.  Commitment to the full school-year is also highly preferred.  ASCs are expected to be available before program start time to work directly with the Site Coordinator.


* Student Program Instructor (SPI) -- Each site has multiple Student Program Instructors.  SPIs are the daily staff who work directly with the youth, along with the Site Coordinator, to provide a meaningful program.  SPIs are expected to engage with students for the entire program time, including helping with homework and assisting or facilitating activities.  Commitment to the full school-year is preferred.  SPIs are expected to be available during program time (time is dependent on the specific site).


* Service Provider / Vendor -- Our Service Providers are individuals (or companies) who have a specific activity they would like to lead at multiple sites, rather than being a single-site staff.  Our Service Providers come in only for their specific activity/club.  Our clubs last 4-8 weeks, depending on site and grade-level.  Service Providers can lead any activity that there is a need for, and often a specialized version of our generic clubs (art, music, sports, science, etc.).


* Volunteers -- If you have a need for service hours or would simply like to volunteer for our programs, we welcome you!  Our volunteers are expected to have a consistent schedule of when they volunteer, and are expected to be actively engaged with our youth.  We can help you fulfill service hours for a variety of programs, and will do our best to help you fulfill any requirements that go along with your service hours.



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